Ernest Releases New Song “Takes After You” Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Ernest releases timely new song “Takes After You,” out now, May 10th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new track below.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Ernest is sharing one of his most personal songs to date with fans. His new song, “Takes After You” is a perfectly crafted song about love and parenting. While Ernest is known for crafting catchy lyrics and putting on a show, “Takes After You” is a more vulnerable take at the singer’s own life.

“I’m a wild child, definition // of a can’t tell me nothin’ won’t listen // You’re an angel, girl you’re perfect // Don’t know how you thought I was worth it // Well before too long 1 and 1 made 3 // And I’m scared to death ‘cause he looks like me // And I pray to god that apple falls a little further from this tree”

Inspired by his relationship with his wife Delaney Royer and their son Ryman, who are featured on the song’s artwork, the new track is a prayer for his son to be a little more like his wife, rather than him. Written by the singer with collaborators, Jordan Schmidt and Josh Thompson, the track is the perfect song to celebrate motherhood and all of its glory.

According to Ernest, “I heard someone talking to Johnny Cash in a video. They said ‘Johnny I’ve known ya a long time. I got a son now, and if he don’t take after Jesus, I’d be quite alright if he took after you.’ So I immediately thought, I couldn’t agree more with Ryman and Delaney,” he shared. “She is the most humble, kind, empathetic, nature loving, giving, selfless, and downright wholesome human I know. The things she’ll teach Ryman in this life by her actions will transcend anything he’ll learn in a building.”

“Takes After You” is a song any fan can appreciate and quite possibly one of Ernest’s best to date.


Ernest releases new song, Takes After You,” out now on all streaming platforms.

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