Eli Young Band Live Performance of “Where Were You”

On March, 29, Eli Young Band celebrated the 14th anniversary of their extremely successful career by releasing This Is Eli Young, a greatest hits album including 14 of their most popular songs. This album encompasses fan favorites and major hits alike and is the perfect album to blast through your speakers this summer. One of the songs featured on the tracklist is “Where Were You,” an upbeat song the band released as a single in 2018 which details what it is like to start a new relationship and learn about your new partner.

To honor the release of their new greatest hits album, the band took to YouTube, where they uploaded a live performance of “Where Were You.” Set in front of a plain white wall, the members of the band perform as passionately as ever. This live, acoustic version really allows the vocals and instruments being performed by the group to stand out, making the message of the song even more meaningful. The performance is beautifully done, but we would expect nothing less from a band who are well known to be great performers!

In the description of the “Where Were You” live performance video, there is a message that reads,

“You know how it is when you’re first falling in love – absorbing every minor detail of your sweetie’s past becomes an addictive sport. We all live our lives in tiny moments and, in the big picture, maybe none of ’em are actually insignificant. The Eli Young Band’s latest hit captures that process of learning about a new partner…and sharing plenty of personal details along the way. You probably know the story of this hit-making outfit. Texas boys Mike Eli and James Young met in college, started playing together, conquered a big chunk of the local live circuit, got noticed by industry bigwigs, began dropping great albums, made a big dent on the charts and awards shows, and earned themselves innumerable fans. It’s perfectly crafted songs like “Where Were You” that have helped them live their best life, so check this exclusive spin on their latest gem.”

It’s clear that the band is beyond thankful for their fans who have enabled them to do projects like this and release new albums and videos. Just from watching the “Where Were You” video, viewers can see the love and passion the band has for their craft. If you loved the live performance, be sure to check out Eli Young Band on tour this summer! For tour dates head to https://eliyoungband.com/.

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