Drake Milligan: ‘Jukebox Songs’ – EP Review

Drake Milligan releases his new EP, Jukebox Songs, out now, February 16th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project here.

With a voice seasoned way beyond his 25 years, Drake Milligan is easily one of country music’s best modern traditionalists. This is on full display on his new EP, Jukebox Songs, which allows his impressive voice to shine over four new tracks. Produced by fellow Texan, Trent Wilmon, the EP continues to illustrate Milligan’s impressive talent. 

Similar to his previous releases, the Stoney Creek artist’s new EP is the best of both traditional country and modern sounds. He shares, “My goal for this EP was to write and find songs that feel classic and memorable – the kinda tunes would fit right in on some old Rock-Ola in the corner of a smoke-filled bar on the outskirts of nowhere Texas. It’s a continuation of the old-meets-new Country sound I’ve always gone for, and this time with my friend Trent Willmon at the reins as producer, I’m very excited to keep this honky tonk train rollin.’” 

The EP opens with “What I Couldn’t Forget,” a swinging and single-ready ode to finding new love beneath neon lights. While he may have entered the locale with the intention of drowning his sorrows in a sad country ballad, someone new catches his eye and a love story is forged over fiddle and steel.  “I think I walked in here running from a memory,” He admits, a playful tone lacing his booming voice. “I can’t remember what I couldn’t forget, that train of thought took off the moment we met, All I got is you girl running through my head, I can’t remember what I couldn’t forget…All I know is I’m glad you’re here.”

“I Got A Problem” starts off with a cheeky ragtime piano, as Milligan sets up the story, musing about what happens when “a guy like me gets hooked on something.” Initially, it may seem like a ballad but quickly traditions into a rocking uptempo as the singer deals with his addiction to a new woman in his life. 

Your kiss tastes like whiskey and I’m a drinker // You play with my heart strings, and girl, I’m a singer // Nah, it ain’t no joke, you’re a smoke show // And I’m a Marlboro man when I’m holdin’ your hand // You’re a wild card, I’m a gambler // I was goin’ nowhere, you wrecked my plan, girl I got a problem // But what a damn good problem to have”

“Don’t Leave Me Loving You” is an immediate standout, finding him a broken hearted balladeer as he channels his inner George Strait, longing for a lost love on the powerful ballad. “Come leave me hurt, Come leave me mad, Come leave my heart broken in half,” He pleads. “Leave me like someone I never knew, Hating the hell you put me through, Just don’t leave me loving you.”

The collection ends with the rousing “Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beers,” a simple but effective celebration of a local and reliable haunt that’s sure to have cold beer and good music. It’s the perfect ending to the EP, leaving listeners with a smile on their faces, as they are immediately transported to the place. Akin to tracks like “Redneck Yacht Club,” “I Love This Bar,” or “American Honky-Tonk Bar Association,” it leaves listeners with a taste but wanting more.

The only problem with Drake Milligan’s Jukebox Songs EP is that it’s too short. However, the four song collection packs a powerful punch that’s sure to be played on repeat.

Jukebox Songs EP Tracklist:

  1. What I Couldn’t Forget
  2. I Got A Problem (Full Length)
  3. Don’t Leave Me Loving You
  4. Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beers

Drake Milligan shares new EP, ‘Jukebox Songs,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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