NYCS First Impression: Dillon Carmichael ‘Hell on an Angel’

Dillon Carmichael Hell on an Angel

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You are always told to never judge a book by its cover and the same goes for people as well. Dillon Carmichael is the same way. With looks like Stapleton, you might expect one thing but you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Carmichael puts in his songs Hank’s timelessness rhythm and Eric Church’s mysteriousness, all while incorporating a voice of his own. In his new album, Hell On An Angel, Carmichael puts forth music that is unlike any in today’s scene.

“Hell On An Angel” is the title track to the new album, produced by the award-winning Dave Cobb. The music from this album has already garnered a huge response from his growing fan base. The song tells the story of a reckless teenager who gets arrested and their mother is left to wonder where she went wrong. It paints the picture of him having “one foot in the fire and the other stepping on her [angel’s] wing”.

Other songs off the album include “Country Women” which explains the story of a man who simply likes a country woman. Between not being afraid of tractors, the loudness of his gun, and a love for horses, “country women is all I [Carmichael] will ever want.” “Natural Disaster” explains the opposite. No matter how hard he tries to get over her, like a Mississippi mudslide, he keeps losing ground. “The whiskey won’t chase down a memory that’s faster, it’s too late for cover here, comes another natural disaster.” Carmichael paints the imagery of each song so well with his lyrics, making it hard to not fall in love with the songs. “Hard On A Hangover” is a song that seems familiar but is very much its own. As soon as you press play it transports you back to that old country feel.  “I snuck in through the back door like I always do, I locked it up and kicked off my old noisy boots, and I tiptoed down the hallway to our king sized bed, and I thought that I got away with it again, but I hold on to the sound of a door slam, she left her wedding rings on the nightstand, with a note that told me it was over”

Co-writing 8 of the 10 songs on Hell On An Angel, the album also has contributions from Leroy Powell and Jon Pardi. Other people featured on the tracks include steel guitar phenomenon Robby Turner, bass player Brian Allen, drummer Chris Powell, and others. While each song is uniquely different, they come together for a wholesome sound tying the record together. Dillon Carmichael is a name that you want to keep an eye on as he will be climbing up the charts very soon. Check out the track listing below and make sure to stream it on Spotify.

Hell On An Angel tracklist:

1. “Natural Disaster” (Anthony Smith, Chris Wallin)
2. “It’s Simple” (Carmichael, Larry McCoy, Chris Rodgers, Neal Coty)
3. “Country Women” (Jon Pardi, Jim Kaufman, Britton Cameron)
4. “Hell on an Angel” (Carmichael, Daniel Smalley)
5. “Dancin’ Away With My Heart” (Carmichael, McCoy, Coty)
6. “Hard on a Hangover” (Carmichael, Becky Montgomery, Robert Jason Young)
7. “What Would Hank Do” (Carmichael, Jordan Rager, Houston Phillips)
8. “Might Be a Cowboy” (Carmichael, Joey Hollis, Tom O’Connor)
9. “Old Flame” (Carmichael)
10. “Dixie Again” (Carmichael, Aaron Raitiere, Leroy Powell)

Hell On An Angel is now available everywhere you stream or buy music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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