Craig Morgan ‘God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition)’ – Album Review

Craig Morgan’s new album, God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition) is out now, November 11th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

Throughout his impressive twenty plus year career, Craig Morgan has become known for releasing country music with heart. Now, over two years since the May 2020 release of his album, God, Family, Country, the Tennessee native is back with a deluxe edition, featuring four new songs, in addition to some of his biggest hits. 

For the Army veteran, the Veteran’s Day release of the album has special meaning and comes in support of Morgan’s new memoir of the same name, as well as a concert at Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium

While the album features some of his biggest hits, including “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” “Almost Home,” “My Kind of Woman,” and “Lotta Man (In That Little Boy),” there’s just as much meaning on the newer offerings.

Of the four new songs on the project, it’s the current single “How to Make a Man” that’s an immediate standout. Here, Morgan grapples with the struggles of life that make a man who he is. The song is driving and introspective as the golden-voiced crooner deals with the bumps and bruises life has to offer.

“It’s the good days, bad days, goodbye heartbreaks // Tail lights fading ’cause you didn’t say enough // The loss and the tears and the laughs and the beers // The wars you fight, the ones you walk away from // You run, you crawl, you rise, you fall // You hit your knees ’til you learn to stand // Yeah, that’s how you make a man”

Additionally, Morgan is both introspective and celebratory on the other new tracks, including “Sounds Like Home,” which celebrates all the special sounds that make a home special and unique. From church bells ringing to porch swings creaking, the track features female powerful background vocals that add a special touch and push Morgan to stretch his own vocal chops.

Likewise, “Ask Him” is a touching tribute to asking an older person about their past, allowing him to impart his knowledge and speak of a special someone. “Ask him ‘bout the good book, and he’ll quote John 3:16,” He croons. “Ask him ‘bout a tractor, and he’ll preach some John Deere green, He’ll say, ‘If you drive a Ford, you can’t go wrong,’ But ask him about her, and he’ll go on, and on, and on.”

Lastly, there’s “I May Drink A Little,” a heartfelt ballad that finds Morgan embracing his imperfections in the eyes of God. “I may drink a little,” He muses, “But I still love Jesus.”

The other tracks on the album include his fervent faith in his family, his God, and his country. This weaves its way through the title track, “Sippin’ On the Simple Life,” and “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost,” the incredibly powerful dedication to his son Jerry, who passed tragically in a boating accident. 

Meanwhile, “Soldier” finds him putting his own spin on a Gavin DeGraw track, while both “Going Out Like This” and “Whiskey” find him dealing with the end of a relationship. On the deluxe edition of God, Family, Country, Craig Morgan continues to show himself as an artist with heart, and a true dedication to his family, his faith, and his flag.

Craig Morgan – God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition) Track List:

  1. “The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost” (Craig Morgan)
  2. “Soldier” (Gavin DeGraw)
  3. “Going Out Like This” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Korey Hunt, Sam Banks)
  4. “Whiskey” (Anthony Smith, Sarah Beth Terry)
  5. “Sippin’ on The Simple Life” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Justin Wright, Andrew Yacovone)
  6. “God, Family and Country” (Craig Morgan, Craig Morris, Lance McDaniel)
  7. “That’s What I Love About Sunday” (Adam Dorsey, Mark Narmore)
  8. “My Kind of Woman” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Jason Sellers)
  9. “Almost Home” (Craig Morgan, Kerry Kurt Phillips)
  10. “Lotta Man (In That Little Boy)” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Tim Owens)
  11. *“Sounds Like Home” (Craig Morgan, Wade Kirby, Styles Haury, Phil O’Donnell)
  12. *“Ask Him” (Craig Morgan, Sam Banks, Wil Nance, Andy Austin)
  13. *“How You Make A Man” (Megan Conner, Skip Black, Michael Walton)
  14. *“I May Drink A Little” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “How You Make a Man”
  2. “The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost”
  3. “Sounds Like Home”

Craig Morgan’s deluxe edition of his new album, ‘God, Family, Country’ is out now.

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