Country Stars Test Their Toddler’s Patience in Adorable Viral Snack Challenge

While everyone has been stuck in their homes with their families for months, many parents in the country music community have turned to testing their toddler’s patience by putting a bowl full of candy or other sweet treats in front of them and asking them to wait until they come back to eat it— all while being recorded to see if they follow the rules. Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard, Shay Mooney, Jason Aldean, and Jessie James Decker are just a few of the parents putting their kids to the test.


Ada James, Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins daughter:

Everyone knows Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins’ kids are some of the cutest on the planet and Ada James reminding herself to be “bery patient” and giggling to herself after her mom leaves the room just seals the deal.

Ada James Akins: Passed


Olivia Hubbard, Tyler & Hayley Hubbard’s Daughter:

Olivia Hubbard is practically Instagram famous with her adorable outfits and huge smile. Liv can hardly contain her excitement about the chocolate chips in front of her and has to tell all her friends, “Hey doggy! Cow! Pig! Kitty cat! Nala? Hey Simba!”

Olivia Hubbard: Passed


Asher Mooney, Shay & Hannah Mooney’s Son

Asher Mooney is a new big brother to sweet little Ames and if he’s going to teach him anything, it’ll be to be patient. Asher’s M-O-Ms (aka M&Ms) seemed like they were certainly worth the wait.

Asher Mooney: Passed


Memphis Aldean: Jason & Brittany Aldean’s son:

Nobody can pull off a top knot quite like Memphis Aldean and this video just proves it. The mini-Jason Aldean had a stare down with his sprinkle-covered doughnut and successfully waited for his mom to come back in the room before devouring it.

Memphis Aldean: Passed

Forrest Decker, Eric & Jessie James Decker’s son:

It took every ounce of patience of Forrest Decker to hold off on eating his ring pop. Between picking it up and almost eating it to adorably staring at the camera, the toddler passed the challenge.

Forrest Decker: Passed


In conclusion, country music stars have the cutest kids and they are incredibly well-behaved.



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