5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Canaan Smith’s Upcoming Album

Canaan Smith’s highly anticipated sophomore album, High Country Sound, is due out Friday, April 2nd. After chatting with the singer-songwriter and hearing the new music, we’re giving you five reasons why you should listen to the brand new project.

Canaan Smith's new album, 'High Country Sound' is available now, April 2nd

Canaan Smith’s new album, ‘High Country Sound’ is due out Friday, April 2nd


  1. Smith co-wrote every single song on the record and was the sole producer on 8 of the 12 tracks 

Each of the twelve tracks off the album are true to Smith as a person. The singer made the notable decision to include songs that spoke to him both professionally and personally, bypassing the idea that he had to write a “hit song.” The fact that Smith co-wrote every song on the record is no easy feat. Not only that, but Smith also is the sole producer on 8 of 12 tracks and co-produced the remaining 4 with Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line. This is a standout achievement and should be celebrated. He is the real deal!


  1. There are songs for every type of country fan.

What I admire most about this record is that it is not trying to be something it’s not, but yet, it still has songs for every kind of country fan. For those who like to jam out to anthem-like music, there’s “Colder Than You.” For those who love the story-telling aspect of country music, “Sweet Virginia” is your song. Personally, “Losin’ Sleep Over A Girl” is my favorite.


  1. The record is pure heart (and talent).

When we talked to Smith about his record, we learned how important it was for the singer to share who he is with his fans. This record has been a long time coming, and it was important for Smith to give fans a project he was proud of. Each song transports you into his world, a challenge Smith conquered effortlessly.


  1. You will learn all about the singer.

The twelve songs take you on a trip through Smith’s life experiences that are both personal to him, but easily relatable to others. There are songs about his daughter, his hometown, his family, love, loss, and everything else. We especially love that he included songs that he wrote ten years ago, like “American Dream.” This showcases that he wants to take fans on a ride through his whole journey.


  1. Because it is INCREDIBLE.

We do not say this lightly, but High Country Sound is an incredible record. It tells a story, shares who Smith is, and is unlike any other record out there. It comes from an inspiring and real place, which is the best part. It is clear that he let go of all restraints, and just developed something that is authentic and vulnerable, the best kind of music in our opinion!


Check back here on Friday, April 2nd for our exclusive interview and full album review of Canaan Smith’s High Country Sound.

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