NYCountry Swag’s Guide to Brunching Like a Pro

This Sunday, January 29th, New York Country Brunch is Back! Join us at Printer’s Alley in NYC for a Brunch Party you do not want to miss.

There are plenty of Tips & Tricks to brunching like a pro at New York Country Swag’s Country Brunch. Here we’ve picked our top 10 for you:


1 – The Pregame Before The Pregame –

You’re going to want to be mentally, physically & emotionally prepared for this, so come Saturday Night – skip that extra drink, go home, get some rest & prepare your liver. A good nights sleep is the first step in brunching like a pro.


2 – Squad Up –

Assemble the squad. It’s the most important part of any adventure, because who doesn’t want to be surrounded by their favorite Country Loving Friends anyway?


3 – Charge Those Devices –

Is there anything worse than the moment that screen goes dark the second you were about to send that epic snap? No, there’s not. So come prepared… Charge the phones, bring the mofi’s. This is going to be good. And you’re going to want pictures & videos for those friends who missed it. (#suckstosuck)


4 – If The Shoe Fits –

Leave the stilettos at home, Country Music is all about those cowboy boots. Get a comfortable pair, because you’ll be stomping those bad boys to the beat of the music, ALL. DAY. LONG.


5 – Flannels, Camouflage & American Flags… Any Questions?

Incorporate this into your outfit and you’re golden.


6 – Know Your Venue – 

2 Floors of Country Music, a DJ, 2 Live Performances, Pool, Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Raffles, Photobooth & a whole lot more… You do not want to miss a square inch of this place, so don’t be afraid to explore. There will be surprises around every corner.


7 – Eat Like It’s Sunday Morning…

Because, well, it is. & it’s Brunch. So take advantage. Printer’s Alley will be whipping up some of their best brunch options just for you, so grab a menu & have a bite!


8 – Drink Like it’s Saturday Night –

Face it, you weren’t making it to that 6PM Dinner Reservation any way, so go on & take that shot of Jack at 1PM. Nobody is judging you. Nobody.


9 – Be Respectful –

Love the people, love the staff, love the music. This day is all about the cold beer, the good music & the positive vibes, don’t ruin that.


10 – & Finally: Know Your Performer –

RUSSELL DICKERSON. Listen & Love. Download his EP “Yours,” here. Learn those lyrics, because you’re going to want to be singing them back to RD & prove to him that the BEST Country fans are right here in NYC!


Follow this guide and you’re sure to be the star of the show. Don’t have your tickets yet? What are you waiting for!? Grab em’ here.