Brown & Gray Released Brand New Single “First Light”

Brown & Gray released a brand new song, “First Light”, available now, May 14th, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new song.

We had the pleasure of interviewing rising U.S. and U.K. singer-songwriter duo Kaci Brown and Sam Gray of Brown & Gray back in 2017. Since then the duo has defied odds, growing tier fanbase worldwide. Most recently the singers put out their new song “First Light,” following their touching song “Last To Know”.

As the brand new track was released and began being added to Spotify playlists, Brown & Gray took to social media to remind their fans how precious they all are to them. “We are very SMALL, independent fish in a very BIG, political pond with no bought likes or streams. No bought verification. No budget for main-stream radio,” began the artists, “Our hope is in people like YOU streaming and sharing your music, and FAITH that if we keep putting out great music, it’ll eventually pay off. Just keep streaming, y’all!”

Written by the duo with Kipp Williams and James Droll, “First Light” tells the story of pain to healing through a relationship. The imagery that the song conveys makes you appreciate the words that are being said through song. Brown and Gray take turns singing the verses, portraying both the male and female perspectives in a heterosexual relationship. Their talent truly shines in this hopeful and relatable song.

“Went out I was drunk and lonely // Told myself it was one night only // Wasn’t proud of the way you found me // Dancing with my broken heart // Didn’t care where the time was going // Before we knew it the bar was closing // The hell you do to me last night? // I’m waking up in love at first light”

If y’all are loving “First Light” as much as we are, make sure to download and stream the song as much as possible to help out this one-of-a-kind independent act in country music!

Brown & Gray's new song, "First Light" is available now, May 14th, on all streaming platforms

Brown & Gray’s new song, “First Light” is available now, May 14th, on all streaming platforms

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“First Light” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.