Brett Young Lyrics To Use For Instagram Captions

Brett Young Here Tonight

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Brett Young has the ability to pull on everyone’s heartstrings with his incredibly written songs about love and heartbreak and we have the perfect lyrics to go along with your Instagram captions of pictures from the next time you catch him live.

It is no surprise that his lyrics can relate to anyone going through the ups and downs of a relationship and they definitely can make for a worthy Instagram caption.  Recently, Young married his longtime love Taylor Mills.  It was his on-again-off-again relationship with Mills that influenced his debut album, but this couple is the epitome of a country music love song with a fairytale ending.

Here are some of the lyrics that are perfect for Instagram captions:

1. “We can just stay here in this minute, lose all track of time, let the world spin on without us for a while” – Here Tonight

2. “If you ever loved me, have mercy” – Mercy

3. “No matter how late, baby I’ll be staying up, I can’t sleep without you” – Sleep Without You

4. “Even though I don’t tell you all the time, you had my heart a long long time ago, in case you didn’t know” – In Case You Didn’t Know

5.  “Close my eyes and there we are, you’re still the only place that feels like home, cause your memory won’t let me go.” – Memory Won’t Let Me

6. “It won’t be long til I forget to call you every time that I’m drinking, and you ain’t the love song I can’t keep from singing.” – Like I Loved You

7. “Looks like it’s just me and the whiskey, cause you ain’t here to kiss me” – You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me

8. “Girl you got me saying good lord, God bless, Amen, again and again…” – Makin’ Me Say

9. “When the only thing you want is the only thing that you can’t have” – Left Side of Leavin’

10. “When I feel I’ve lost my way, she leads me home. She don’t know how much I need her, a beautiful believer” – Beautiful Believer

11. “Every page you’ve turned is a lesson learned. Ain’t we all, aint’ we all just tryna get it right? These are the chapters of my life” – Chapters

12. “The way you smile and I can’t help myself. Girl, you got me trying to catch my breath”- Catch

13. “You’re the ship, I’m the bottle and I don’t wanna hold you in”- The Ship and the Bottle

14. “I was born to run, always out there chasin’ the sun”- Where You Want Me

15. “Looking like you walked out of a dream”- Olivia Mae




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