Brett Sheroky Releases Brand New Song “Everybody Wants”

Brett Sheroky’s new song “Everybody Wants” is out now, January 14th on all streaming platforms. Learn more about the new track below.

There are singer’s and then there are artists, and Brett Sheroky is the latter. The songwriter turned artist continues to release music that both speaks to his experiences and his fanbase. His songs “Better On Paper” and “Ain’t My Place” are emotive, while “4 Goodyears” is storytelling at a top-tier level. Today, the singer-songwriter releases a brand new song, “Everybody Wants,” to add to his impressive collection of music.

The new song is upbeat and fun. Still, the song teaches us all a lesson in just a three-minute track. “Everybody Wants” depicts human nature and our desire to want something, but not be willing to fight for it. It is the wake-up call we all need when we are feeling sorry for ourselves.

“Everybody wants to be the king of the hill but nobody wants to have to climb it // Everybody wants 15 minutes of fame but nobody wants to put the time in // Working for tomorrow’s a hard pill to swallow and nobody wants to take it // Everybody wants to have it made but nobody wants to have to make it”

Clearly a man with a lot of fight, Sheroky shares his strength and integrity with us through his music. It is especially evident in this new song. We continue to love every song that the singer gives to his fans, and this song is no different!

To read more about Brett Sheroky, his triumphant battle with cancer, and his incredible songwriting skills, check out our spotlight interview.


Brett Sheroky’s new song “Everybody Wants” is out now, January 14th

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“Everybody Wants” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.