The Break Up Playlist You Didn’t Know You Needed

Break-ups come in many forms, with varying degrees of blame, guilt, and heartache. Whatever the circumstances of the end of your relationship, there is a country song that speaks perfectly to what you’re going through.


“Every Little Thing” – Carly Pearce

One of the best things you can do for yourself right after a break-up is let the emotions run their course. “I’m haunted by the memories of every little thing / The high, the hurt, the shine, the sting / Every little thing”. Take off your make-up, cue up this track, and let the tears fall until there is nothing left.


“Tonight I Wanna Cry” – Keith Urban

Another tearjerker (literally) is this KU ballad about a man who realizes letting it out is the only way. “It’s gonna hurt bad before it gets better / But I’ll never get over you by hidin’ this way / I’ve never been the kind to ever let my feelings show / And I thought that bein’ strong meant never losin’ your self-control / To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain from my eyes / Tonight I wanna cry.”


“Tin Man” – Miranda Lambert

There comes a point in every painful break-up when you wonder why on earth it’s even worth having a heart at all. In an ode to the Wizard of Oz character with a hollow chest, “Tin Man” portrays a girl offering up her shattered heart just so she no longer has to feel pain. “Every time you’re feeling empty / Better thank your lucky stars / If you ever felt one breaking / You’d never want a heart.”


“Starts with Goodbye” – Carrie Underwood

If you were the one to end it, this old-school track describes the moment you know it’s time to leave. “So hard to see myself without him / I felt a piece of my heart break / But when you’re standing at a crossroad / There’s a choice you gotta make / It’s sad but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life / Starts with goodbye.” It’s not easy, but sometimes walking away really is best.


“Potential” – Danielle Bradberry

Some relationships end not because you aren’t in love, but because you realize your partner is never going to change. “I could tell myself that you’ll get there, you’ll get there / But the more that you don’t, the less blind I am / I’m not in love with you / I’m in love with your potential”. The truth hurts, but it also sets you free.


“Clean” – Taylor Swift

The end of a toxic relationship can feel like a weight has lifted. “The rain came pouring down when I was drowning / That’s when I could finally breathe / And that morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean.”  You are not defined by your choices, and you are strong enough to start over.


“Break Up in the End” – Cole Swindell

A relationship can be fleeting and still teach us valuable lessons. “Even if I knew you’d be my best and worst mistake / Oh, I’d still make it with you / Over and over, again and again, / Even though we break up in the end.” Just because it wasn’t meant to be doesn’t mean it was a waste of time or that you’d do anything differently if given the chance.


“Rules of Breaking Up” – Brandon Ratcliff

We all know them, don’t call after being out late, don’t go to the same bars you used to go to together, those rules that you must abide by when you are dealing with a breakup. Rising artist Brandon Ratcliff wrote a song about that one relationship that makes you want to break all of those rules. “Whoever wrote the rules of breaking up never kissed your lips / Touched your skin, held the world at their fingertips / Didn’t have a clue what heaven was / No they didn’t have to lose that kind of love”. 


“Break Up In a Small Town” – Sam Hunt

Even in a big city, it’s hard to fly solo after time as a couple. “There’s only so many streets, so many lights / I swear it’s like I can’t even leave my house / I should’ve known all along / You gotta move or move on / When you break up in a small town.” You’re paranoid that you’ll run into your ex, and you see places in town as tainted, but the truth is, that’s perfectly normal.


“Like We Never Loved At All” – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Crossing paths with your ex for the first time is scary. And if he or she doesn’t acknowledge you at all it can feel like a dagger straight to the chest. “How can you just walk on by // Without one tear in your eye? // Don’t you have the slightest feelings left for me? / Maybe that’s just your way / Of dealing with the pain / Forgetting everything between our rise and fall / Like we never loved at all.”


“Best Days of Your Life” – Kellie Pickler

At some point, you’ll realize that you’re better off without them. In fact, it’s their loss entirely, because they’ll never find someone better than you. “Cause I’ll be there, in the back of your mind / From the day we met to the very last night / And it’s just too bad, cause you’ve already had the best days / The best days of your life.” Sing it loud and sing it proud, there are other fish in the sea.



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