Brandon Ratcliff Releases Debut Music Video for “Rules of Breaking Up”

Louisiana-born singer Brandon Ratcliff just released the long-anticipated music video for his single, “Rules of Breaking Up”. Featuring Ratcliff playing an electric guitar, the video starts on a close up of the guitar as those recognizable first chords open the song and he is then in an abandoned lot, and those close-ups give viewers the full expression of emotion in this song. His red hoodie underneath a patterned jacket project him as just having wandered into the lot, needing to express his feelings. Captured in slow-motion is Ratcliff falling through the sky, paired with water droplets also suspended in time. This suspension mimics the lostness that often accompanies a breakup; somewhere where your whole world is turned upside down.

An image of a female, also falling, shows that both people at the end of a relationship can have that feeling. Halfway through, it seems to switch, as though he is falling up, and returning to a state of normalcy. All the while, he is alone, emphasizing the isolation one must feel. Even though you might know the breakup is for the best, Ratcliff embodies the fact that it will still hurt, especially when breaking up with someone like the person he is referencing. “Whoever wrote the rules of breaking up, never been broke up, broke up over you.”

To read more about Ratcliff, check out our Swag Spotlight features from earlier in the year here and grab tickets to his show this summer in New Jersey at Jenks Club on July 31st here.

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