Bailey Zimmerman: ‘Leave the Light On’ – EP Review

Bailey Zimmerman’s new EP, Leave the Light On, is out now, October 14th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

Whether you are going through a breakup or questioning if your significant other is the person you should be with, Bailey Zimmerman’s debut EP Leave the Light On is for you.

The eight track EP starts out with an intro from Zimmerman letting us know that these songs are real stories that he’s lived through. It truly takes us on an emotional journey of the beginning of the end of a relationship.

The first track is one of the more vulnerable tracks “Never Leave”. Relationships are not easy. Even the happiest couples argue and go through super tough moments. Written by Zimmerman, Austin Shawn, Chris Sligh, Gavin Lucas, and Mary Kutter,  “Never Leave” is a beautiful ballad that tells that story. It reminds us that we’re all human and make mistakes but it is possible to change. Zimmerman’s powerful vocals show heart, honesty, and pain. He reminds us all that you shouldn’t give up on the person you love.

Continuing with the theme of not wanting to believe that the relationship is over and trying to fight to stay together, “Waiting” and “House on Fire” are next. Zimmerman’s vulnerability shines through.

When relationships are on the cusp of ending, there’s normally one last ditch effort to try before the end and “From the Fall” and “Trainwreck” are just that. Zimmerman continues to show he isn’t afraid of letting listeners in on what he went through. 

Next comes the singer-songwriter’s debut single, “Fall in Love”. Written by Zimmerman, Austin Shawn, and Gavin Lucas, this track shows Zimmerman is not afraid to leave everything on the table. You can hear the anger in his voice singing about how his ex has moved on to a new relationship and doing things that he and her had talked about doing. Climbing its way into the Top 15 at country radio, “Fall in Love” has nearly 250 million streams worldwide and is the 11th most-streamed country song of the year. 

Written by Zimmerman, Heath Warren, Jacob Hackworth, and Jet Harvey, “Rock and a Hard Place” details what’s it like to be so in love with someone but deep down inside you know it isn’t working. You have to make that tough decision of staying and risk continuing to be unhappy or finally pulling the plug and being on your way to getting a fresh start. This track showcases Zimmerman’s strong vocals. He pours his emotions into the track which is what makes his voice so unique. 

“Where It Ends” closes out the EP. Written by Zimmerman, Joe London, Grant Averill, and Joe Spargur, the track makes you feel like you are in a western film with compelling instrumentals. It shares the story of the breakup. Zimmerman had wanted to give that relationship a second chance but ended up getting stabbed in the back. It’s painful but in the end it teaches you a valuable lesson of that’s not what true love should be. There is someone who deserves you out there.

Leave the Light On truly shows how talented Zimmerman is not only as a singer but as a storyteller as well. He developed this talent by listening to his Grandpa Zimmerman and his oldest friends at their family car dealership. Now, not only is Zimmerman sharing his own stories with the world but he’s hoping they make an impact on those going through a breakup. 

It’s almost been two years since Bailey Zimmerman’s career took off after he started sharing his music on TikTok in January and there are no signs of slowing down. He is currently on a sold-out tour and continues to climb the charts. He certainly has a bright future ahead with his honesty and unique sound. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Bailey Zimmerman – Leave the Light On EP Tracklist:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Never Leave”
  3. “Waiting”
  4. “House on Fire”
  5. “From the Fall”
  6. “Trainwreck”
  7. “Fall in Love”
  8. “Rock and a Hard Place”
  9. “Where It Ends”

Bailey Zimmerman new EP, ‘Leave the Light On’ is out now.

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