Austin Burke Releases Heartfelt “Slower”

Austin Burke, "Slower"

Austin Burke, “Slower”

On the heels of success with his breakout single, “Whole Lot in Love,” Austin Burke delivers another love song anthem with his new track, “Slower.” The singer-songwriter has been teasing fans with clips of the song, cute images, and sweet videos, all week, gearing up for the release.

“Slower,” co-written by Burke, is a story about having someone who helps slow down this fast-paced life and a reminder to focus on each and every moment. The opening lyrics embody that sentiment perfectly, “There’s never enough time in the day and those hands on the clock don’t take a break / Seems like I don’t either these days / That freeway, speedway high speed chase, makes it hard to hit the breaks / But she knows how to make my heart race / Just a little slower / Take my time when I get to hold her / Heaven feels a little closer, with her head right on my shoulder / Next to her, the fire burns and the world turns, just a little slower.”

The singer shared via his Twitter, his inspiration for the song, shouting out his long-time girlfriend, Lexy Kadey. The country music newcomer allowed fans to understand his personal reasons for writing the track through a video he posted, just before the debut, “I had just quit my job and I was just starting to do music full-time. It was just in the middle of chaos. Luckily I’ve been with my girlfriend for six years, and she has the ability to slow life down, and make it- make it simple again when it’s crazy. I wanted to write about her, and how much that means to me. I think everybody needs that person that slows life down, when you get home from work or need someone to talk to. She’s that person for me.”

The sweet sentiment behind the lyrics blends effortlessly with its fresh sound and cool vibe. “Slower” is available, wherever music can be bought or streamed. Check out the song and other new tracks on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist on Spotify. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix. For more information about Burke and his ventures, including shows, head to



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