Artist Interview: Faren Rachels Chats About Her Debut EP

Faren Rachels NYCS

Faren Rachels, native of Sparta, Georgia is gearing up to hit the road with Luke Combs and promote her debut EP, available today. There is growing up in a small town and then there is growing up in Sparta, where Rachels graduated high school with 12 people.  “There wasn’t a whole lot to do, but I think that was one of the reasons I got so interested in music so early.”  When your town is so small, every person living there feels like family and she grew up to write songs that have to do with real-life experiences.

She recalls for her 18th birthday her grandparents took her to Nashville to experience The Grand Ole Opry and The Ryman for the very first time.  Growing up just an hour from Trisha Yearwood’s hometown, she remembers going to her high school gym and seeing the praise for the country mega-star and thinking “If she can do this from this little town, I can do it too.”

Growing up with her dad loving Lynryd Skynd and Allman Brothers as well as some blues including Stevie Ray Vaughan but also loving Yearwood’s incredible country vocals she credits several genres of music as her influences.  “If  I like it, I want to do it, I don’t want everything to sound the same,” she says of the diversity of her debut EP which is available today.  As for current day influences, she states that Miranda Lambert has a huge impact on the music she wants to create.  “That is the one thing I loved about every record shes put out, you would have a song that almost sounds like bluegrass then you would go to the next song and it sounds like a metal rock song, so I love the diversity.”

Her self-titled EP is diverse, featuring songs like “Free Drinks”, which is about knowing a man is wrong for you but going back anyway time and time again and “If I’m Honest” which Rachels says is the most personal song she’s ever written. “I call it my therapy song, I didn’t write that song meaning to even cut it, it was just how I was feeling that day and we’ve been playing it out live and people are really responding to it.”  Each of the five songs fit together and offer a cohesive sound and are a representation of who she is as a songwriter and an artist.
The perfect way to roll out her brand new music is opening for Luke Combs who’s tour dates are selling out.  “I am so excited and going to a bunch of places I’ve never been before and playing for people who have never heard of me, I think it is going to be a great opportunity,” she says about hitting the road.  Take a listen to the EP above and head to Faren Rachels’ official website for tour dates. Be sure to follow her on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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