An Anthem & Tribute To His Fans, Kenny Chesney Drops “We Do”

Kenny Chesney We Do

One thing remains true about music: it doesn’t mean anything without someone to listen. Of course, you can feel proud to create such an intricate blend of chords over a meaningful lyric, but without the fans, the art itself isn’t complete. This is where Kenny Chesney comes in. He is one of many artists who show true appreciation for the people who stand before him in each and every venue, summer after summer. This new single is meant to capture that relationship.

“This is a song that wouldn’t exist without all those people on my road family, the folks at all the stadiums nationwide, the radio people who start blasting our music when we’re coming to town,” Chesney admits in a press release. “But even more importantly, without No Shoes Nation.”

It is simple to envision the crowd chanting back the words to their own dedication during the next stadium tour. In fact, Chesney incorporated the precise moments to do so by inserting chants in the song itself. It is deemed to become a fan-favorite moment at each and every show. For those No Shoes Nation enthusiasts and supporters, this is a dream come true.

“I always talk about how I can hear them from the bus,” says Chesney, “and that fun just gets backstage, floats through the air. You get caught up in it. And I hear the stories, about Lot 12, the people who come together from all over, the cookouts, the tiki bars, the people raising money for charity… They take all that energy, then they go out into the world and live their lives the same way. Knowing that, you really do want to ask, ‘Who lives like we do?’ Because the answer is simple: ‘We Do.’”

“Who gets to roll like we do? (We do) Yeah, who wants to rock like we do? (We do) / Yeah who ain’t gonna stop and no matter what / And who gets to live like we do? (We do)”

Among several other instant grat songs, “Here and Now”, “Knowing You”, and “Guys Named Captain”, “We Do” is the final release before the full project drops next Friday, May 1st.

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“We Do” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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