American Young Showcase Flawless Harmonies on “Gonna Be You”

American Young

After 3 years since the release of their self-titled debut record, American Young is back with a brand new single, “Gonna Be You” and we believe it’s, as the kids call it– a real BOP.

Consisting of Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone, the duo delivers irrefutably flawless and infectious harmonies on a very accessible country-pop-leaning production. This mid-tempo ballad sees the protagonist wistfully reminisce a sudden breakup, the tormenting heartache that follows, and his very desire to return back to this relationship after turning over a new leaf.

“If I’m gonna love someone, if I’m gonna make my move / if I’m gonna love someone it’s gonna be you / If I’m gonna break some hearts to get right back to you / if I’m gonna love someone it’s gonna be you.”

What makes “Gonna Be You” a stand-out in what might pass off as a typical heartbreak song is the palpable emotive quality in Osmunson and Stone’s vocal delivery. In some capacity, writers Will Garrett, Mark Stults, and Osmunson lead listeners on the same visit down romantic memory lane with the persona, and journey through a path paved with regret but achieving clarity in the end.

“I knew all along I’d be staring back at you. I knew all along, it’d be just me and you. Even though it took this long to right every single wrong, I knew it all along, I knew it all along.”

The pair displays undeniable chemistry that helps the listener believe the story they are telling.  At the end of the song, we can’t help but wonder in our state of emotional investment, did he make his way back to her for a happy romantic ending? Did she ever give him a second chance, if they found each other?



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