Amazon Music Mini Documentary on Kane Brown, ‘Velocity’

Kane Brown

Photo Credit: Amazon Music

Kane Brown has all the attributes to become a megastar in country music, and from the moment he stepped on stage, everyone knew he was going to blow up someday – we just didn’t know it was going to be this quickly. Titled “Velocity”, for the speed at which Brown’s career took off, Amazon Music released a mini-documentary on his career, covering everything from singing covers on Facebook to selling out the Staples Center in Los Angeles and becoming one of Nashville’s brightest stars. Watch the whole thing below.

“I was just messing around, I don’t even think I was trying to make a career out of it,” Brown said of his viral Facebook videos. “I was working two jobs just trying to afford my truck…I was never thinking a record label would hit me up or anything.”

Brown attended five different high schools growing up, so his following on social media was very large to begin with. He studied up on how to go viral, but he didn’t feel it was working until he woke up one morning to see one of his videos had tons of views. According to his manager, Martha Earls, at one point he was growing by almost 20,000 followers a day.

“The next question is: are people be willing to get out from behind their computer and come out to a show,” Earls pondered. “The first show we did in Darlington, South Carolina…we put it on sale and it sold out in like 20 minutes.” Another attribute that makes Brown so successful is his ability to connect with his fans. He would stay late after each show and meet every single fan who waited to see him. His stardom quickly spread across the nation and he got his first shot of playing amphitheaters when he was the first act on Florida Georgia Line’s Dig Your Roots Tour in 2016.

“So many people laugh at when you do those amphitheater tours because you’re on at seven o’clock and it’s still light out and no one is in the stands,” Brown’s day-day manager, Nikki Boon claimed. “But those seats were full, every single night…everyone wanted to see Kane.” Brown said he’s now more comfortable playing large theaters and arenas than small, intimate clubs.

Brown became a new man when his wife Katelyn gave birth to their daughter, Kingsley. It has allowed him to grow from boy into a man and completely change his outlook on life for the better. “Growing up without a dad is a very traumatic experience,” Brown’s barber and friend, CT Kutz commented. “His call right now is to change that narrative.” “Just being a dad that’s always there will be a huge part of her life and I can give her anything she wants,” Brown said proudly. “She’s my life.”

The Staples Center show was scheduled to be the last stop in 2019 for Brown and his crew; a memorable way to close out his first headlining-arena tour. The show got pushed back due to the sudden passing of his drummer and good friend, Kenny Dixon.
“Those moments either break you or pull you together and I think our team had a realization of how close we are and how much we needed each other,” Earls stated.

The documentary ends with clips from the sold-out Staples Center show. It puts into perspective how much Brown has grown in such little amount of time. It’s a testament to his talent, hard work, dedication and showmanship and the way we see it, his career has only just begun.

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