Abbey Cone: ‘HATE ME’ – EP Review

Abbey Cone’s debut EP, HATE ME, is out now, April 22nd on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

Back in December, we introduced you to singer-songwriter, Abbey Cone and her journey to country music in our spotlight series. Today, we get to share her debut EP, HATE ME. The record features six songs, all co-written by Cone. It is an EP you are going to want to listen to again and again.

“This project is me. I felt the feelings, I wrote the songs, I co-produced, I co-directed and co-created every part of this release with my team, incredible cowriters, my family, and my best friends. I could never release something that didn’t feel undeniably me,” shared Abbey in a recent press release.  “I have a vision for every part of my career.  I love how involved I was in creating this project and no matter where it lands in the musical universe, I’ll always be proud of it.”

The record kicks off with “In A Room With You.” Written by Cone with Nicolle Galyon, and Nathan Spicer, the pop-country tune makes you want to take a step a step towards independence. Cone mesmerizes from the first lyric. It is clear she knows a thing or two about crafting a memorable and nostalgic song. The song is one of our favorites off the project.

Next up is “King of The World.” The song shares the less romantic side of a small-town romance. According to Cone, “It’s the story of the insecure ones, the ones who can’t handle a girl destined for more than her hometown. The ones who think they’re king of the world, but unfortunately have never experienced more than a few square miles of it.” It is an emotive and incredible song for anyone who needs to hear it.

“You’re king of the world // Yeah, I said it // Whatever you want, yeah you get it // Guess things look different from the top of the ladder // You can break a heart like it don’t matter // But you’re gonna hate the truth, it hits you when you fall // You’re only king of the world // ‘Cause your world is so damn small”

HATE ME continues with the pre-released “Rhinestone Ring.” The song is an incredibly emotive song that is both romantic and romanticized. We appreciate the child-like nature of the beautiful tune. The EP also includes another previously released song, the title track. “Hate Me” is a break-up song that cuts deep.

“Would you get teary-eyed if you saw me with some guy? // Would you start a fight? // Or would you just walk on by? // I know it’s over now don’t know how I’mma get over you // While wishin’ it would’ve lasted  // Can’t act like it never happened”

On “The One,” Cone let’s her vocals shine. The heartfelt track is all about falling in love, but still being scared about “forever.” Despite the fear, it is clear that this relationship is one that will leave a permanent mark on her heart, no matter what the future holds. On the other hand, “Thoughts About You” continues the nostalgic pull that the whole EP encompasses.

“But I thought about you in the back of your Jeep // Yeah, I thought about you // with your hands on me // I was doing alright // Out of sight, out of mind // I thought I knew better uh oh // Than to think about us like it wasn’t all bad // Like I’m missing it, like I want you back”

Cone’s debut is one we are going to be thinking about for a long time coming. Each song was carefully crafted to create a wonderful story of heartbreak, love, independence, and everything in between. Abbey Cone is an artist you are going to want to keep on your radar and one listen to HATE ME proves it.

HATE ME EP Tracklist:

  1. In A Room With You | Abbey Cone, Nicolle Galyon, Nathan Spicer
  2. King Of The World | Abbey Cone, Aaron James Babcock, Peter Christian Good
  3. Rhinestone Ring | Abbey Cone, Heather Morgan, Nathan Spicer
  4. The One | Abbey Cone, Jessie Jo Dillon, Nathan Spicer
  5. Thought About You | Abbey Cone, Nate Cyphert, Nathan Spicer
  6. Hate Me [Explicit] | Abbey Cone, Jessie Jo Dillon, Nathan Spicer

Abbey Cone’s debut EP, ‘HATE ME’ is out now.

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