A Note From Our Founder…


It makes me so happy to see Old Dominion out there killing it. I remember playing their songs a few years ago at one of the venues I was working at (way before New York Country Swag was even a thought) and trying to convince my bosses to let me book them. In reality, maybe a handful of people in our area (if that), would have known who they were at the time. It just didn’t make sense for us to do the show. 

Fast forward a year, and these guys sell out Joe’s Pub in NYC at 200+ tickets. Another year later brings us to now, where they sold out PlayStation Theatre at 2000+ tickets in October 2016. The OD guys are incredible songwriters and even better performers. They are headed straight to the top and I feel so dang happy that there were venues out there who booked them in those early days. 

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past few months of breaking into the music industry with New York Country Swag, it’s that there are some truly, incredibly talented people who may never get their shot, despite how hard they work. This is where one of my biggest goals at New York Country Swag stems from. We need to give artists a new and different platform to help get their music out there! Our goal is to produce fun and unique events while showcasing artists that we believe in. We want to build relationships with both the fans and the talent, and help these artists get their music heard. Whether it’s a Country Brunch in NYC, a Clambake in Brooklyn or a Country Night on the Water in Rockaway Beach, we are often bringing fans to these special events who may have never heard music by these artists before.

In the past few months, we have produced several unique & successful events all over NYC, showcasing artists like Russell Dickerson, Carter Winter, Elizabeth Lyons, Blaire Hanks, Rob Bellamy, Lauren Davidson, The Dalton Sheriffs & more. We have sought out working with these artists, not only because we love and respect them, but, because we believe in their music and want to share their talent with other like-minded fans.

I am so thankful for the relationships we have made in this industry (and continue to make) and hope that with each event we can continue to spread the Country Music Love in NYC. 

I want to send a special THANK YOU to the artists we work with & to everyone who follows us, who attends our events and who rocks our merch! The support means the world to us. We are proud Country Fans in NYC and are excited to continue this journey with you all! 

We have a great line-up of upcoming events in the works and are looking forward to sharing them with you. Be on the lookout for announcements next week!

Best Wishes,
– Stephanie Wagner