7 Ways To Fill The Void of Missing Live Music

Missing Concerts

Believe us when we tell you, we feel your pain! We miss live music so much, it hurts. One of the things we love most about NYCountry Swag is getting to connect with our followers at live shows by some of our favorite artists all across New York City and Long Island. It has been tough getting through the last few months without concerts to look forward to. Although nothing can quite cure the ache that will remain until our world is reinstated, here are a few ways to hold you over and fill the void of missing live music.

Reminisce with friends

Chat with your friends about some of your favorite concert memories and look back on some of your old videos and pictures. Remembering some of the good times will feel nostalgic, but also remind you that love (and live music) is worth waiting for! A good concert is all about good energy and a great atmosphere, so create that in the comfort of your own home.

Throw a virtual or social-distancing ‘concert’ with your crew

What better way to cure the concert blues than to have your own concert! Grab a group of friends or head or a plan a virtual get together and have a Karaoke night. It may sound silly at first, but hearing your friends sing their favorite songs by their favorite artists will lighten the mood and brighten your spirits in no time.

Attend a live-stream concert like you would a real live show

One of the best things to come out of this quarantine is virtual concerts. So many artists from newcomers to superstars are performing (for free) online as part of campaigns or just for fun to connect with their fans. We especially love Luke Combs live-stream from last month. This might even give you a chance to see an artist you would not be able to see otherwise!

Create a list of all the musicians you want to see

With so much time to think about our dream concert line-up, it is time to make a list of all the artists you want to see for the first time or for the 100th time. I personally hope to see Eric Church and Ashley McBryde next year! It will make it that much sweeter when you are finally able to snag those concert tickets again.

Watch a concert film or documentary

Get your concert and festival fix by watching some of the many concert films and documentaries available across streaming platforms today. You can even watch one of the specials on TV. Recently, CMT premiered a TV special called ‘CMT Celebrate Our Heroes,’ which featured some of our favorite country music artists.

Make or listen to killer playlists

We know that listening to music cannot take the place of seeing a live performance, but it can help. Listen to new Spotify playlists that fit your mood or even create your own. We encourage you to take a look at our Spotify here. Additionally, you can always create a playlist of live renditions of some of your favorite tunes too.

Support local artists

It is inevitable that dive bars will probably have live performers playing before any arena in the state opens up, so it is the perfect time to support your local acts. I know the second I hear of a live performance (of any caliber) near my town, I will be there!



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