5 Things to Know About Carly Pearce’s New Album ‘29: Written In Stone’

As we wait for Carly Pearce’s third studio album, 29: Written In Stone to be released September 17th, we’re sharing 5 things to know about the record after chatting with Pearce herself.

  1. In many ways, 29: Written In Stone is a tribute to women everywhere.

“I feel so honored because I’m really excited about the [class of women artists] coming up behind me. I hope that little girls at home that are writing songs right now can see that anything is possible.”


  1. The new record features multiple co-writes with fellow artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Sasha Sloan, and Brandy Clark.

“[These artists] are songwriters outside of their own artistry and have unique ways of telling stories..who would have ever thought Sasha Sloan and I would write the most honky tonk country song ever? I met her on zoom …. It’s just fun. You never know… I’m just a fan of [other artists] and wanna try writing [with them].”


  1. The sonic inspiration for 29: Written In Stone stems everywhere from classic country to Americana to indie pop.

“Sonically, it was Patty Loveless, The Judds, Lee Ann Wommack, and lyrically, Adele, if I’m honest, Loretta Lynn, and vocally, I pulled from Tammy Wynette.”


  1. “Mean It This Time” is one of the most personal and hopeful songs Pearce has written to date.

“When I was writing [this song] I was crying so hard. I was [at a writer’s retreat] and I remember Jordan Mitton had the title and I was like ‘grab the guitar’… I was so inspired in that moment and melodies and words just flew out of my mouth for the chorus. I think it will be one that really hits me just everytime in my heart when I sing it.”


  1. The Ashley McBryde duet “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” is a dream fulfilled for Pearce. 

“I’ve only wanted to write with two of my peers, one being Luke Combs, and one being Ashley. In a lot of ways, musically and vocally, we are quite similar. I would sit next to her at rounds that we’ve played over the years and be like ‘I want to sing with her!’”


Here are five things to expect from Carly Pearce’s upcoming album ’29: Written In Stone.’

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