5 Luke Combs Songs We Wish We Heard on Country Radio

With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorite Luke Combs songs that we wish we heard on country radio. Check it out below.

  1. “Memories Are Made Of” – This One’s For You

Combs does a lot well when writing music, but his ability to take listeners back to the good-old-days is second to none! In “Memories Are Made Of,” he describes the feeling of being free after high school graduation and the simplicity of how a good buzz and a few buds (the beer or friends) can create such a special memory—something most of us can relate to.


  1. “Beer Can” – This One’s For You

Another specialty of Combs’ is how he can take the basic lyric of drinking beer and make it so fun, catchy, and unique. Penned with James McNair and Ray Fulcher, the writing trio takes us through their weekend, rhyming nearly every line with the song’s title.  


  1. “Refrigerator Door” – What You See Is What You Get

We open our fridge every day but rarely stop and recognize all the history and memories it carries. In the nostalgic “Refrigerator Door,” Combs expresses how his Kenmore ’98 serves a dual purpose as a fridge and a photo album, explaining all the pictures and the memories behind them. 


  1. “Without You” – What You See Is What You Get

When we are kids, we do not realize just how much our friends, family, and loved ones do for us. Each verse in “Without You” highlights different people in Combs’ life that shaped the successful and down-to-earth man he is today. Combs shows his modesty, confessing that he owes everything to his parents, his wife, and his fans.


  1. “Where The Wild Things Are” – Gettin’ Old

“Where The Wild Things Are” is more of a creative writing story about two brothers who live different lives—one who stayed home and one who took off to Southern California. Its tragic ending and the dramatic production build from verse to chorus makes this a powerful track which could catch the attention of country music fans alike. 


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