5 Luke Bryan Songs That Should Have Been Singles

In his incredible career, Luke Bryan has certified himself as a superstar. With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorites that did not quite make it to country radio.

With 31 singles from seven albums, the superstar has generated 25 number one hits over his 15+ year career in Nashville. This included a run of eighteen-straight hits from 2011-2018.

Here are 5 Luke Bryan songs that should have been singles…

  1. “Been There, Done That” – Tailgates & Tanlines

This catchy song from his third studio album, written by Bryan and Rachel Thibodeau, is about a relationship that constantly has its breakups and breakthroughs. Bryan’s counterpart continuously calls him with the intent of getting back together. He, on the other hand, has learned that you cannot force a relationship and he is tired of trying to make it work.


  1. “Beer in the Headlights” – Crash My Party 

Almost every song on Bryan’s fourth studio album could have had success at radio; it was certified Platinum and was the third best-selling album of 2013 all-genre. This fun, up-tempo tune checks off all the boxes of a 2013 radio hit, but with all five singles topping the charts, Bryan switched gears to move onto his next project and “Beer in the Headlights” was never given its chance.


  1. “Just Over” – Kill the Lights

After another fight with his girlfriend, the singer just assumes that they will make up again, just like the past. This time, however, she wanted to officially end the relationship. Its catchy chorus is perfect for country radio, but with six other singles on his fifth studio album, it was time for Bryan to move onto the next record. 


  1. “Hooked On It” – What Makes You Country

There are a lot of fun songs on Bryan’s sixth studio album, but “Hooked On It” defines the theme of the project the best. With heavy electric guitar and supporting banjo, this tune perfectly paints the image of southern life. The album’s fourth single, which served as the title track, ending Bryan’s run at eighteen-straight number ones, which may have been a reason to move on from this record.


  1. “For A Boat”— Born Here, Live Here, Die Here

“For a Boat” is a sweet song about loving what you have and not what you don’t. The man in the song recalls learning all of life’s most important lessons fishing on a bank, instead of on a boat. Growing up “too broke for a boat” taught him the value of money, patience, family, and much more. Four of the ten songs on Bryan’s latest record topped the country radio chart, and two more singles were sent to radio after he released the deluxe edition the next year. Unfortunately, there was no room for this song to become a single.


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