5 Carrie Underwood Songs That Should Have Been Singles

In her incredible career, Carrie Underwood has certified herself as a superstar. Aside from her country radio hits, we’re looking at Carrie Underwood’s stellar catalog and choosing 5 songs that should have been singles.

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Photo by: Justin Aharoni (@jaharoni) for Country Swag

As the current queen of country music (in my humble opinion), any song Underwood puts out is almost guaranteed to be a hit and she rarely misses when it comes to what songs she and her team decide to release as singles to country radio. Problem is, not every song can be a single, so we’re rounding up 5 of our all-time favorite Carrie Underwood tracks that should have been singles. Check it out in the list below…

  1. “End Up With You” – Cry Pretty

“End Up With You” is just a feel-good song that so many people can relate to. When I first heard this song on the Cry Pretty album, I knew it would be a song I’d listen to over and over again. Underwood sings about getting in a car with someone and not caring where your destination is as long as you’re together.

  1. “You Won’t Find This” – Carnival Ride

There’s a million things Carrie Underwood does well and two of them are singing her heart out in a ballad and another is singing about heartbreak. “You Won’t Find This” is about 15 years old and I still find myself listening to it every few weeks. Underwood sings about a breakup and knowing the other person “won’t find this” when they’re looking for someone or something better. This song reminds me of a movie and I wish she had made a music video for it.

  1. “Crazy Dreams” – Carnival Ride

Everyone should have big dreams and this song is just a reminder of that. Carrie Underwood sings about how even the craziest dreams can come true. This song makes me feel like I can conquer the world and reminds me that you should dream big because you just might end up a country music superstar like Carrie Underwood!

  1. “Kingdom” – Cry Pretty

As you listen to Carrie Underwood’s more recent albums you’ll find how her sound and lyrics have matured as she’s gotten older. Instead of singing solely about broken hearts, she has more songs about her family, including her two adorable little boys. “Kingdom” describes the chaos of her home and how it’s “perfectly imperfect,” something I think almost everyone can relate to. This song is so raw and real. You can almost feel the love she has for her family and the life they’ve built pouring out through the lyrics.

  1. “The More Boys I Meet”— Carnival Ride

Anyone who is dating or has dated in the past knows what a process it can be at times. Anyone who also is a dog parent can relate to this song “The More Boys I Meet.” Carrie Underwood sings about a series of bad dates and the more men she meets, the more she loves her dog.


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