20 Signs You’re Half Confidence and Half Anxiety

Everyone’s heard the phrase “fake it till you make it”, but some of us have truly perfected the art of convincing the world we’ve got it going on, even while our insides are screaming in self-doubt. Confidence and anxiety don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and if these signs resonate, you’re probably both!

Half Anxiety Half Confidence

1. You enjoy walking into a crowded room, just as long as no one turns to stare.

2. It’s easy for you to introduce yourself to someone new, but only if they’re not in the middle of a conversation.

3. Parties are no problem, but only if you know at least two people there.

4. On the outside, it seems you wholeheartedly stand by your decisions, even though internally you second guess them every second.

5. You pretend you don’t care what other people think, but you totally do.

6. You seem calm, cool and collected all the time, even when deep down you’re panicked.

7. Meeting a significant others’ parents or friends doesn’t scare you, but afterward, you can’t help but wonder what they thought.

8. You are a natural leader, but privately worry that others perceive you as bossy.

9. You’re quick to solve a problem but usually come up with even better solutions later.

10. Since you often get what you work for, the rare rejection hits really hard.

11. You enjoy overcoming challenges, but it’s even better when someone else recognizes your accomplishments.

12. Setting goals for yourself is exciting, as long as you reach them.

13. You’re level headed in front of a group, but the minute you walk out of the room you wonder what everyone is saying.

14. Everything you do seems easy, but no one sees how nervous you actually are.

15. Keeping a conversation going comes naturally, but if you notice the other person is disinterested or judgey, it stings.

16. You always speak your mind, even if you may regret it later.

17. Dating is simultaneously a major confidence boost and a major ego check.

18. Even though you trust your ability to recover from mistakes, part of you is convinced you’ve ruined everything.

19. You rock every interview you go on, but spend that night over analyzing everything you said and thinking you probably won’t get the job.

20. You know amazing things are in store for you, but some days it’s hard to keep the faith.



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