15 of The Best Country Songs + Lyrics for a New Relationship

There are not many feelings that rival that of embarking into a new relationship. We all know how smitten we feel when we first start dating someone new. Falling in love with someone new is a feeling we all cherish, and even though it’s scary, it’s the best.

As always country music provides us with the soundtrack to our lives, so here are some of the best country lyrics from some contemporary country musicians to express how you feel in a new relationship or even to caption your cute couple’s photos with on Instagram!

New Relationship Lyrics
1. “Somebody’s Got Me”- Mitchell Tenpenny
“Somebody’s got me calling up my mama / A little nervous, saying that I’m falling”

2. “Redneck Love Song”- Morgan Wallen
“I love the fact that you fell for a good ol’ boy like me / I love your long kiss and I love your long hair / I want to shout it out from the town square / That I love you”

3. “Catch”- Brett Young
“The way you smile / And I can’t help myself / Girl you got me tryna catch my breath”

4. “The Feels”- Maren Morris
“It kinda makes me wanna be / Alone with you, home with you / Little love drunk stoned with you / I need a minute ‘cause, boy, you’re give me the feels”

5. “Your Woman”- Hannah Ellis
“Showing up in every room, working that me and you energy / More than anything, man I love to be / Your woman, I’m your woman”

6. “Whole Lot in Love”- Austin Burke
“Yeah I’m a little bit unsure what the hell I’m supposed to do / But I’m a whole lot in love with you, I’m a whole lot in love with you”

7. “Unapologize”- Carrie Underwood
“And with one kiss I was a runaway train flying off the track to you / “I love you” came flooding out”

8. “Forever Girl”- Jon Langston
“Cant’ explain what it does to me / She’s everything in my whole world / That’s my forever girl”

9. “Nothin’ Like You”- Dan + Shay
“You got all of my attention / And you ain’t even trying / Yeah, you’re my kind of different / And I never seen nothin’ / Nothin’ like you”

10. “Yours”- Russell Dickerson
“I came to life when I first kissed you / The best me has his arms around you / You make me better than I was before / Thank God I’m Yours”

11. “Butterflies”- Kasey Musgraves
“And out of the blue / I fell for you / Now you’re lifting me up, instead of holding me down / Stealing my heart instead of stealing my crown”

12. “Beautiful Crazy”- Luke Combs
“Well it kinda scares me the way that she drives me wild / When she drives me wild / Beautiful, crazy, she can’t help but amaze me”

13. “Good, Bad & Ugly”- Runaway June
“How’d I get so lucky finding someone so true / I must’ve done something right in another life / To get somebody like you”

14. “Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere”- Chad Brownlee
“This could be the first night of the rest of our lives / We started something right here / You called it crazy, but I think we’ll make it / Forever’s gotta start somewhere”

15. “I Knew It Was You”- Nick Wayne
“It’s hard to explain how there was no second guessin’, no maybes / I know it sounds crazy, but I knew it was you”