10 Reasons To Go To A Concert By Yourself

Country Concert By Yourself

Seeing your favorite singer with a group of your closest friends is as good as it gets. But sometimes an artist comes to town and it doesn’t work out for anyone else to tag along. Here at NYCountry Swag, we feel we’ve created a community of country lovers and during our favorite past time, you will always meet friends.  It’s normal to think you can’t enjoy a concert on your own, but here are some things to consider before you bail on your plans and miss the opportunity.

1. Artists don’t play every city every year. Depending on a specific tour schedule, there’s no telling how often someone you love will be in your area. Don’t miss this chance to go, you don’t know when they’ll be back.

2. It’s easier to get through a crowd. Have you ever tried pushing through a standing-room pit with a group of people? When you’re alone you can go right to the front.

3. You’ll make friends with the people standing around you. You already have something in common because you’re at the same show, so you’re bound to hit it off. 

4. You don’t have to worry about playing host. We’ve all been to a concert with a friend who totally brought down the mood. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when someone else isn’t having a good time, but when you’re alone, it’s a non-issue.

5. You’re free to dance and scream your heart out. Sure, you can do that with friends too, but when you’re flying solo there is truly no one there to judge you or to sneak a Snapchat video when you’re not looking. 

6. There’s more time for music. When you don’t have to wait for friends to get out of the 32,847 person line for the bar or the bathroom you can get back to the concert faster.

7. You can focus on the show. We all have that friend who has to tell you something the minute your favorite song starts playing. When you’re alone there’s no chance you’ll get distracted by a conversation when you’d rather be paying attention to the stage.

8. You can eat your heart out. With no one there to steal your fries or judge you for that second corndog, you can enjoy the stadium noms all you want.

9. You’ll have a blast telling everyone about the show. When you are the only one at a concert you get to enthusiastically share your pictures, videos and stories giving everyone else the ultimate FOMO.

10. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to do it again. Don’t knock it before you try it. Worst case, you find out it’s not for you. Best case, you find your new favorite way to enjoy a show.


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