10 Great Country Songs For The Fall Season

It is officially Fall and while we’ll miss the beach, pool days, and summer concert season, we’re ready for football, bonfires and sweater weather! Here are the best country songs for the fall season to play while you pick apples, and sip your pumpkin spice latte.

1) “The Boys of Fall” – Kenny Chesney

When you think of fall, you think of those Friday night football games where the whole town comes together. That’s exactly what “The Boys of Fall” is about. Written by Casey Beathard and Dave Turnball, it’s the perfect song to listen to before heading into the game.

“And it’s knocking heads and talking trash / It’s slinging mud and dirt and grass /  It’s I got your number, I got your back / When your back’s against the wall / You mess with one man, you got us all / The boys of fall”


2) “Harvest Time” – Luke Bryan

Written by Luke Bryan and Rodney Clawson, “Harvest Time” shows appreciation for the small town farmers and the work they put in day in and day out during their busiest time of year.

“It’s harvest time / Time to bring it on in / Pay the loans down / Fill the diesel tank up / And make another round / There’s a big red moon coming up in the sky / Combine’s cutting in a staggered line / The only time of year / We missed the church bell’s chime / It’s harvest time”


3) “Here’s to the Farmer” – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan created the farm tour, which occurs each fall, so it’s no surprise he has two songs on the list! Written by Bryan, Michael Carter, and Richard Chase McGill, this is another song that shows the hard work that farmers put in for us to have the perfect harvest crops that we look forward to each year.

“Here’s to the farmer that plants the field in the spring / That turn from green to the harvest honey / Hold one up for the banker downtown / That got him on his feet with handshake money / Here’s to the farmer’s wife / That loves him every night”


4) “A Little More Summertime” – Jason Aldean

Summer is a hard season to say goodbye to. Written by Jenny Flowers, Tony Martin, and Wendell Mobley, “A Little More Summertime” shares that message, specifically wishing a summer romance would be more than a fling. Who hasn’t wanted that to happen?

“If that sun would have just /  Hung up in that sky /  Just a little bit, yeah / Just a little bit longer / She might have stayed forever / And never ever left those arms / If only I  / Had a little more summertime”


5) “Autumn’s Not That Cold” – Lorrie Morgan

Written by Max D. Barnes and Skip Ewing, “Autumn’s Not That Cold” is a great reminder that even though your summer romance may have ended, you’re going to be ok.

“I’m almost feeling guilty / That the hurt’s not taking hold / Guess I’m not that lonesome /  And Autumn’s not that cold”


6) “The Long Way” – Brett Eldredge

Fall foliage is quite the scene to see and what better way to enjoy it than taking your significant other to your hometown to see it? Written by Brett Eldredge and Matt Rogers, “The Long Way” tells that story a d it’s the perfect song to listen to on your road trip.

“I’d love to see just where your daddy met your momma / Your hand-me-down ’99 Impala / Show me the field you danced in Clover / The harvest in October / When the leaves fall from the sky just like a Sunday drive”


7) “Home Game” – Cole Swindell

No matter if it’s high school, college, or the NFL, football is a big part of fall. Written by Aaron Eshuis, Brandon Lay, and Heather Morgan, “Home Game” tells the whole story from the tailgating cheering, to even falling in love.

“At the home game, we’d rock\ That small town fame in the parking lot\ All the pretty girls yelling go Big Blue\ Best part never made the front page news”


8) “Take Back Home Girl” – Chris Lane featuring Tori Kelly

While fall is a popular time for relationships to end, it’s also a popular time to fall in love. Written by David Garcia, Hillary Lindsey, and Josh Miller, “Take Back Home Girl” is a song about realizing the person you’re dating is someone you want to take back home to attend that Friday night football game and meet your family and friends.

“You’re the kind I wanna take a ride with / Sit by on a Friday night / In the stadium lights, side by side / Everybody in the bleachers, they all gon’ want to meet ya / From my teachers to my preacher, my little crowd pleaser”


9) “Unforgettable” – Thomas Rhett

Written by Rhett, Ashley Glenn Gorley, Jesse Frasure, and Shane McAnally, “Unforgettable” may not be about football or the harvest, but it’s is a fun song about meeting your significant in the fall, October 14th to be exact.

“It was the 14th of October / And that t-shirt off your shoulder / I was drunk and you were sober / And you said “yeah, right” / We were talkin’ for a minute / Then some guy tried to cut in / You took my hand and you pretended / Like I was your guy”


10) “1, 2 Many” – Luke Combs featuring Brooks and Dunn

While this may not be a song about fall, “1, 2 Many” is the perfect song to listen to during your football tailgate or fall bonfire. It’s upbeat and relatable as it tells the story of having one too many alcoholic beverages.

“By half past 10 I’m half past tipsy\ And quarter to 12, man I done had plenty\ The countdown’s on when the first beer hits me\ 5-4-3-2-1 too many”